Good Beer Hunting

no. 356


When you’ve visited enough breweries, they tend to start blurring together. Going in, you know there will probably be a bunch of stainless steel, some hoses, maybe some wood barrels stashed away, some raw material (grain sacks, for example), and plenty of empty packaging waiting to be filled. What makes these familiar sites fun, though, is how each individual business makes them their own.

I’ve been to Temperance Beer Company in Evanston, IL a handful of times, but had never gone on the tour for some reason. While the features were familiar, including pallets upon pallets of empty cans parked in the brewhouse, it’s something else entirely to be guided through a maze of those towering canyons—see what I did there?—en route to the somewhat hidden section of the brewery for the second half of the tour.

Maybe you can teach an old, jaded brewery visitor new tricks after all.