Good Beer Hunting

no. 340


If craft started with a by-its-bootstraps notion of American business, in 2017, it’s evolved into a full-blown for-us-by-us culture. For instance: in Denver, one of the most interesting distribution companies is a brewer.

TRVE Brewing Co. was already known as a bit of a Mile High City outsider with its mixed-fermentation obsession and metal vibe running counter to so many outdoorsy IPA producers in town. Now, founder Nick Nunns is trying to show Denver that his brewery isn't just the weird kid at school. And he's doing that by bringing in beer makers from outside the state through his own channels.

Last night, TRVE played host to Brewery Bhavana from Raleigh, North Carolina (one of the clients of GBH's studio side) with their brewer Patrick Woodson pairing beers to a menu alongside TRVE's own.

And then they hit the town to visit accounts where the TRVE portfolio of brewers had taken over taps with beers from Threes Taverns (Georgia), Commonwealth (Virginia), 7venth Sun (Florida), Civil Society (Florida), The Commons (PDX), and Finback (Queens).

It’s an ambitious proposition for a brewer to take on distribution. But it’s also a helluva way to get ahold of the beers you like to drink.