Good Beer Hunting

no. 343


Getting there was weird. Being there was even weirder.

The journey to Hoof Hearted Brewing's first ever Dragonsaddle Day Music Festival involved parking at a trapshooting center/RV campground, boarding a school bus, and bumping down some back roads while kids on minibikes popped wheelies beside us.

But all that paled in comparison to stepping off the bus and being greeted by the sights and sounds of KOCK 107, Scranton, PA's #1 Party Band.

They were in town, along with the likes of Timmy Capello and Guided By Voices, to bring the noise and get the people going at Hoofy's annual Triple IPA can release.

Brewmaster and co-owner Trevor Williams had his hands full throughout the day, hosting the event, getting some stage time with his band BEANO, and lending some, ahem, moral support to lead KOCKsman, Brian Langan.

What a time to be alive.