Good Beer Hunting

no. 183

Last weekend I attended Goose Island’s Block Party in London. The whole experience was kinda bizarre. I got to meet founder John Hall and chat with Innovation Manager Mike Siegel while sipping on the Brewery Yard Stock Ale he created with beer historian Ron Pattinson. I got to drink my way through a tap list that included Sofie, Juliet, and 2014 Bourbon County. I got to watch some great live music while chowing down on some of the best street food that London has to offer. (Shoutout to the incredible brisket rolls being served by Josh and the team at Howard’s Meat Co.) 

But it was strange because I knew the whole thing was happening almost simultaneously over the pond in Chicago, and that Goose had specifically targeted the London market with this event over others in the U.S. The export market for U.S. craft beer is growing rapidly here in the UK, and breweries like Goose and Brooklyn are using events like the Block Party and the Mash to ensure that their profile is visible and their brands are seen as relevant. And it’s working. Don’t be surprised if you see street parties like these thrown by Camden Town Brewery in New York and Chicago in the not-too-distant future.

—Matthew Curtis