Good Beer Hunting

b-Roll no. 145

Four or five years ago, Robert Fortner said, "Why not?"

He'd worked in all sorts of places (a strip club, a photography processing plant, a morgue) in the past, but he loved working for Nancy Wilson at the P & H Cafe in Memphis. When she passed away (her ashes sit in an urn above the P & H bar to this day) and her husband—a man Fortner generously refers to as "a misguided, arrogant prick"—took over, he'd just about had enough. Thankfully, that husband decided to sell the place to Fortner and Matt Edwards.

Since then, he and Edwards have continued running the Midtown bar Memphis Magazine recently called "the beer joint of your dreams, a Memphis shrine." Along the way, Fortner scored a one-off role in Better Call Saul as "Snake Face." That fun fact would be surprising, perhaps, if he hadn't spent his whole life thriving in all sorts of weird situations.

Kyle Kastranec and Austin L. Ray