Good Beer Hunting

b-Roll no. 149


"We'll camp at the farm." Seemed like a simple enough plan. 

Todd Hardie is a former commercial bee keeper who started Caledonia Spirits, makers of Barr Hill gin, who sold the company back to its employees last year.

Now he's operating Thornhill Farm in Greensboro, VT, about a mile down the road from Hill Farmstead. He's a dedicated conservationist working with the Vermont Land Trust to conserve and responsibly run a 400+ acre plot.

He generously gave us the loft of the barn last night to get us out of the rain. We fired up the Hibachi, fired off some steaks, corn, and fresh-pulled garlic with some blue cheese—and fed the scraps to our co-inhabitant, Rufus, a beautiful Thornworth pig.

As we lost the light, we all laid on our backs silently under the metal roof and fell asleep to the drizzling rain and occasional flashes of lighting over the valley below. And the whole place smelled of crab apples.

—Michael Kiser