Good Beer Hunting

b-Roll no. 136

Yesterday (and back in May), you may have seen us share some photos and hints on social media about an Off Color/MillerCoors collaboration. We weren't joking. It's actually the culmination of something that John Laffler and our friend Lisa Zimmer of Tenth and Blake (now part of MillerCoors proper) have been toying around with for almost two years. And it all started over a pitcher of High Life at the Paradise Lounge in Madison during The Great Taste. 

I won't give away the whole story just yet.  But suffice it to say that The Great Taste may have a reprise role. 

What are they making? Kain Escobar and Troy Rysewyk came down from Milwaukee to hash out the final recipe. I'll summarize it as a High Life base recipe with Laffler's house mixed culture, for now. Of course, there's more yet to be done in the fermentation and blending side of things. And the branding, too. Oh my goodness, I got a peek yesterday, and I'm sort of astounded. Both sides are having way too much fun with this.