Good Beer Hunting

b-Roll no. 133

On Saturday, Societe Brewing Company celebrated its anniversary by inviting 20 brewery teams to throw down in a series of brewers games. Individual medals were awarded for the winners of extremely specific/geeky trials such as Tri-Clamp Challenge, Pallet Stack-Unstack, and Yeast-Water Balloon Toss. Industry folks and the public alike came together to cheer on their favorite brewers and breweries while celebrating Societe's first four years.

Here, members of the Societe team alongside folks like Jay Goodwin of The Rare Barrel and legendary beer personality and barkeep, Nate “Islander” Soroko, take a dramatic moment of silence in preparation for the Stein Chug competition. Societe’s own Teddy “Two Pints” Gowan ended up taking home the gold.

— Mike Sardina