Good Beer Hunting

no. 228

Even just a few years ago, this couldn't have happened in Georgia.

Michael Ertischek is the controller—and employee number four—of former Stone brewmaster Mitch Steele's forthcoming Atlanta brewpub. Here, he enjoys a Gate City Brewing 20 Grand Cream Ale at the Georgia Beer Garden. Brandon Ley and Johnny Martinez's new spot is located in Atlanta's Old Fourth Ward, right across the street from their arcade bar, Joystick. And since opening in October, the Georgia Beer Garden has only served Peach State beer—24 selections on draft, plus another 80 or so in bottles and cans.

As someone who's watched Georgia's beer scene grow dramatically over the last 10 years, stuff like this is monumental. I can't help but feel optimistic about the legislative session that's going to kick off in a few weeks. We've come a long way. Now it's time for real change

—Austin L. Ray