Good Beer Hunting

no. 189


This is not a selfie. It's a Hillary-less.

I've been on the road alone a lot this year, and as the father of two little boys (2.5 years and 6 months) that's both a relief at times and a terrible burden. So as I sit here in a cafe in Santiago, Chile on day five of a wonderful trip full of new friends and inspiring colleagues at the Copa Cerveza de Americans, I also find myself remembering the days when my partner, Hillary, travelled by my side by default.

Hillary always made fast friends (I'm a bit introverted) and planned well (I do my best to wing it gracefully). And the absence of her life-force is never more clear than when I'm far from home.

This weekend marked our fifth anniversary. She texted me a few heart emojis to remind me while I was sitting through the award ceremony at Copa. Medals for barleywines were promptly put into perspective.

We've worked hard to enable each other's passions and life goals over the last few years of me starting a business and us starting a family. And while we both know this part of life is more about hanging on, more than climbing ladders, by any stretch it's been amazingly successful as well as very costly. Such is life. Good things require sacrifice. And exceptional things require even more.

I'm endlessly proud of Hillary—her resilience, warmth, and humor. I'm excited about what 2017 holds for us as a family. And as business partners as she finally completes her transition into the business of beer. But even more so that I'm heading home to her and the boys tonight.

Michael Kiser