Good Beer Hunting

no. 201

Berlin is cold in October. During the day, temperatures hover in the low 50s, but folks still like to eat and drink outside. Most places have blankets waiting on the chairs at outdoor tables, but here at The Barn, it's the coffee that keeps you warm.

A leader in Germany’s third-wave scene, The Barn roasts and serves some of the best coffee in the city. On top of that, they hand-make delicious cakes and sandwiches from scratch every day.

Coffee preparation methods vary—whatever brings out the most flavor from the single-origin beans. So depending on what time or day you drop by, or how dialed in the barista has a certain variety, you'll see them filtering through AeroPress, V60, or Syphon.

It's a tiny spot with just a few communal tables, a window bar, and, usually, a line. There are always tables outside, though, no matter the weather.

—Kyle Kastranec