Good Beer Hunting

b-Roll no. 88

Uppers & Downers is proving to be one of the biggest collaborative efforts we've ever instigated. Roasters and brewers have been gathering around tables for the past couple months as they concoct something outside their comfort zone for the festival. We couldn't be prouder to see these two innovative cultures getting to know each other better. 

At the festival, Solemn Oath Brewery will be a featured case study with six different beers featuring unexpected roasts, styles, and methods. When we kicked this event series off in Pasadena over a year ago, it was the birth of a deeply collaborative relationship between GBH, SOB, and Intelli, leading to more than a dozen different coffee beer experiments in its wake. And yesterday we gathered to make about a half-dozen more at Intel's roasting works in Chicago. 

It's sometimes difficult to see the impact of an idea when you're still furiously forming it against the shape you have in your mind. But when you take a step back and see how far a simple idea has come, and you can taste it in a glass, you realize why the hard work of executing an idea is so much more rewarding than just the moment of conception. Cheers to these crews for believing in the vision of Uppers & Downers, and helping us push it into delicious new territory. 

I cannot wait for Jan 25th. You're going to have the best time.