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The Beer Peen Hammer

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This hybrid bottle opener is fashioned after an antique ball peen hammer and cast in solid bronze with a black oxidized finish. 

With an almost-identical artifact in hand, we challenged ourselves to re-invent an antique ball been hammer we found at an estate sale, and gave it new purpose. We took dozens of measurements, digitally re-modelled it, created 3-D printed and machined aluminum prototypes, and when we were satisfied with it both functionally and aesthetically, it was time to cast the Beer Peen Hammer. 

First run of 250 available now. See more about the process behind the Beer Peen Hammer >> 

Cast at the Leitelt Brothers foundry on Chicago's south side, this solid bronze hammer is heavy in the hand, and pops caps with ease. It's packaged in a waxed canvas tool bag custom designed and manufactured by our friends at Stock Mfg Co. in Chicago. Leather lace tie handle for hanging. 

The oxidized finish is designed to wear over time, gradually revealing the bronze metal underneath.