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Perfect Pint™ Blanket

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This series of custom throw-blankets captures the colors and the warmth of an honest pour — whether a sharp golden pils, a tart red lambic, or a hearty brown porter. It's a perfect pint of beer, with a perfect foamy head, sewn into a blanket. 

The Perfect Pint™ series is produced in collaboration with Faribault Mills in Minneapolis, and inspired by "The Perfect Pint" artwork from illustrator and printmaker, Andrew.R. Wright.

  • 100% fluff loomed merino wool 
  • 50"x72" 
  • Machine wash/dry

About Faribault Mills

Since 1865, Faribault Mills has been making wool blankets along the Cannon Rover for 147 years through five generations of craftsmen. Made in the USA.