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Fuck the Malt-Right

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This design was created at the end of 2016 to draw attention to the emerging culture that uses extreme politics, binary thinking, and draws fictitious lines in the sand so that sub-sub cultures can protect sexist and racists ideals — it's all toxic. And as terrifying as that expression has become in our larger culture, seeds of it exist in in the beer industry too.

We've written about it here, here, and supported beer campaigns against all that here

Its a way of thinking that pervades and infects much more important aspects of our lives than beer. But changing the culture might as well start here as much as anywhere. 

Our industry needs to be more inclusive, intellectually honest, and less blind to destructive irony. 

Fuck the malt-right. Pour liberal.

With purchases like this, we continuously help raise funds for the ACLU, Propublica, and other organizations that help through merch sales, ad space, and collaborations. 

h/t to Chris Hall for giving this cultural undercurrent a name.