Good Beer Hunting

// Contract junior designer

Good Beer Hunting is hiring a part-time design collaborator to help manage ongoing client brands and in-house creative projects. 

Client brands
- design for new product packaging
- digital and marketing assets
- production of template files, press checks

Content development
- infographics for articles
- layouts for presentations
- graphics for campaigns, social media
- iconography

Event marketing
- fliers, postcards, web ads
- posters for events, signage

Position will report directly to our Art Director, Mike Duesenberg and secondarily our Experience Director, Hillary Schuster — priority will be given based on portfolio, interests in the beer category, availability, and working style. This can be your moonlight, your weekender, or fit into your weird streak of self-inflicted unemployment. In other words, we're flexible — but we work best with people who move quickly and maintain momentum. 

Good Beer Hunting LLC is a website devoted to telling the story of beer as a product, and industry, and a culture through online storytelling, events, and product development. GBH is also a brand and portfolio consultancy working with breweries of all sizes across the country as they work to chart their strategic paths and develop new brands. 

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